Link building is a combination of many different metrics and some companies try to estimate the site’s value based on measurable metrics. Moz domain authority (DA) is one of them. At Lift My Rank, our services include a guaranteed publication DA of 30+ minimum. 

Though this metric is known to be authoritative within the SEO industry, their DA score can be manipulated. When used with other measurable metrics like search volume, Lift My Rank can get a better view of the site value you want to link to your site. Here’s what you should consider while link building:   

How to Make Your Site Authoritative 

You can use Google’s E.E.A.T. as a framework to make your site authoritative. Google’s E.E.A.T. stands for experience, expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness. We’ll focus on the “A” in the acronym. Authoritativeness focuses on the reputation and influence of the website, and it also looks at its relevance within the field or industry. 

Google may view factors like the quality and quantity of backlinks to the website, mentions in reputable publications, and the overall reputation of the website and its authors. To make your site more authoritative, you may want to consider creating high-quality content, building a strong backlink profile, and getting featured in reputable publications. 

How Moz and Others Calculate Their DA Score

Moz’s DA is a metric that predicts how well a website will rank on search engine result pages (SERPs). Moz calculates DA by analyzing various factors. These factors include:

  • Number and quality of backlinks. 
  • Relevancy of linking domains.
  • Quality of the content on the domain. 
  • Domain user experience. 

Moz’s algorithm combines these factors, rating the website from 1 to 100. Higher-scoring sites may have a better chance of ranking highly.

Semrush also has an authority score that you can use to measure. This system uses three different factors when measuring their DA score, those are: 

  • The backlink quality and quantity
  • The estimated monthly average of organic traffic 
  • The signs of a spam-filled link versus a natural link

Each factor has a different effect on your score. Semrush’s scoring goes from 0 to 100, with the higher scores being the strongest authority. 

Ahrefs, another SEO tool, measures DA by using these factors: 

  • Find how many unique domains link to the site
  • View the authority factors of the linking domains
  • Look at how many unique domains each of the sites link to
  • Calculate a raw D.R. score
  • Give a score on a 100-point scale

You can use these metrics to calculate your website’s authority and find ways to improve your authority ranking. 

How You Can Use Search Volume to Help Calculate the Value of a Website

A website with a higher search volume may have a higher value in Google’s algorithm. You can use search volume to calculate the value of your website by following a few steps: 

  • Determine keywords that are relevant to your website 
  • Analyze the search volume of the keywords
  • Estimate the traffic revenue potential of the keywords

Search volume can provide key information about a website’s potential traffic. Remember that it is one of many factors to consider when calculating the value of a website.

How To Determine a Toxic Score in Moz

The toxic score in Moz measures the potential for a website to be penalized or banned by search engines due to the presence of spammy links pointing to the website. This score in Moz is ranked from 1 to 100, the higher score being more “toxic.” 

This score is determined by analyzing the backlinks on a website. It looks at factors like the number of low-quality or spammy links, the ratio of do-follow to no-follow links, and the anchor text used in the links.

How Search Value Flows Through Websites

Here are a few ways that search value flows through your website: 

  1. Internal Linking: Internal links are links within a website that guide you to other pages on the same website. A website that has several internal links may have a higher search value. 
  2. External Linking: External links are links that guide you to other websites. You may want to have high-quality links to increase search value. 
  3. Link Placement: The placement of your links can create a higher search value throughout your website. Links that are placed in the main content may increase your search value. 
  4. Link Relevance: Links that are relevant to your content can pass more search value than links that are not relevant. 

Our Best Practices

At Lift My Rank, we use these best practices to measure the success of your website. 

  • Use informative anchor text with links
  • Utilize contextual linking to make sure the content matches what your site offers.
  • Avoid focusing on the sites with the most backlinks. Google may like to see a variety.
  • Use sites that provide good user experiences. 

You may not need to match the number of links that your competitors have and use links from higher-value websites that follow best practices. Our team understands that while Moz DA is a key metric, there are many others to keep in mind to help you remain competitive. Contact Lift My Rank today to learn more about our Guest Blogging link-building products.