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    Don’t Rely on Google Maps only

    While it is important to show up in the Maps section of the search results, you also want to show authority and trust by being shown organically as well.  Being seen in both Maps and Organic shows potential patients that you have authority and trust.

    Get a affordable solution that delivers results.

    Dental SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a powerful method for reaching your potential patients.

    Our SEO strategies for Dentists are specifically designed to help them thrive within their local Geographic. These techniques help introduce your brand to everyone searching for “Dentists near me.”

    Website Audit

    Evaluate your website for potential problems or opportunities. 

    Keyword Research

    Research the best keywords to use in a locally-focused SEO campaign. This will ensure we attracted interested local patients.

    Content Stragegy

    Content is critical for any SEO campaign. We will plan a strategy that fits your needs and engages your potential customers.

    Link Building

    Backlinks will increase your Authority with Google and help you rank higher.

    Onsite Content

    Create fresh new content through landing pages or articles.

    Build Trust

    The best way to do this is through building and maintaining a profile on local business directories. 

    Track Progress

    Keyword rankings is the best top level metric to track.  Clicks and Conversions are your ultimate goal.

    Competitive Research

    See how you compare with your competition and get insights into your own strategy.

    Long Term Investment

    SEO is the best ROI marketing tool you can use to get more customers cost-effectively.

    How Much Should You Spend for Dental SEO

    Low Competition


    Smaller Sized Market

    Avg Competition

    $600 – $750

    Medium Sized Market

    High Competition

    $900 – $1,200

    Large Sized Market

    The Data

    Still deciding if SEO is right for your Dental Practice? Here are some statistics that might help if you’re considering Dental SEO in your marketing strategy:


    An estimated 97% of people turn to search engines to find local businesses.


    88% of searchers using mobile devices call or visit a local business they find within 24 hours.


    92% of searchers will select a business that is found on the first page of search results.


    Frequently Asked Questions

    Why do Dentists need SEO?

    Don’t rely on word of mouth or guessing people will see your practice location when driving by.

    Even if they do hear about your from these sources, Potential customers will want to research your practice online.  Being found online is even more important than ever before.

    Your website is your sales tool.  Making it SEO friendly will also make it more appealing to your patients.

    How long does Dental SEO take?

    From our experience, SEO for dentists will see an increase in traffic and customers within 4-6 months. However, continued work will be required to maintain traffic levels.

    You may see faster results with a more established and older website.  SEO work can build on the already established expertise and authority of your website.

    How can I improve my Dental Marketing?

    Out of all the marketing efforts available, SEO gives Dentists the best Return on Investment (ROI).  You can also use Social marketing and PPC ads to increase your number of patients, but the returns on your investment are not as good as SEO.

    The first step is to make sure you have a usable website with a clear call to actions.

    Make sure your website contact information is correct and consistent with any business directory listings and especially the Google Business profile page.  Using a Business listing subscription service can help.

    Creat consistent content.  Blogging is a great way to add content.  The content of the blogs should focus on questions that your customers may be asking.  Become the expert.

    Authority is driven by backlinks to your site.  Doing guest blogging is the best way to drive authority to your website.

    Why Do Dentists need websites?

    Your website is the new billboard.  How you present yourself tells customers you are not only professional but also the best dentist available in your area.

    You also have the opportunity to sell your patient on all the dental services that you offer.  It’s also a way for your client to interact with you such as online appointment scheduling and an online payment portal.

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