Need help getting away from Scorpion?

Who is scorpion? Marketing or advertising is a marketing company that has businesses pay per lead.  

  • They require 1 year contracts.
  • Sometimes they hijack your website so you feel stuck.
  • cost Per lead is extremely high.

A Few Reviews from Customers

Complete waste of money after spending $17,000 a month you would think they would at least try and deliver but I continually receive reports that show a steady decline in rankings and they just keep making excuses and on top of it all they aren’t doing everything I am paying for. Do not use this company do your homework there’s a lot better out there.

P W. Rock Hill, SC

I was with them for several years. The website never achieved much in the way of organic search results, very mediocre. When we decided they just weren’t really doing a good job and wanted to leave, they held our website hostage. They refused to turn over the website. This resulted in a great deal of extra work and expense from the new company and about a 2 month loss of any visibility on the web. My new company in its 4th month now is greatly exceeding any results we had with Scorpion. The refusal to release the website should be reason to never turn yours over them in the first place.

Lauren A. SoMa, San Francisco, CA

I only recommend to stay far from this company! They will sell you a dream and not deliver. I’ve actually decreased significantly in my online presence since using Scorpion. I did better doing it in my own! They are not clear on anything and will surprise you in the end. Not once did I ever know I would never own my website without paying an extra 10k after their one year contract. They changed the terms shortly after I signed and won’t honor their own promises. Run and run fast!

Kelly L. Winston-Salem, NC

I have been using them for almost a year they have been so bad and I’m stuck in contract this has been the worst marketing experience I have ever had I just want to part ways and go the other way! Don’t walk Run as fast as you can away from this company. And anytime you want to upgrade a service and you don’t like it they then re lock you back into another year contract so if you are trying to get out of your contract you need to not make any changes because they will lock you back in even to downgrade your service such a joke.

Knoll S. Pismo Beach, CA

Possibly the worst business decision I’ve made in 30 years. $1,500 per month for Scorpion. The website does not transfer to you and is not accessible to you so you have to build a new website when your contract is up. They want you to spend $2,500 – $5,000 per month on google because “organic searched take time”. Microsoft search is nearly non existent. No matter how much money you throw at Scorpion, you will be wasting your time on bad leads and spending money on google.

Vera L. San Diego, CA

I have been using Scorpion for 4 months now and the value they provide is abysmal. I am paying them a lot of money each month and I am not receiving the value for my money in fact I have only gotten about 3 leads through SEO in these 4 months. I understand SEO is a long term game plan but my sales rep Omner told me that I’d be getting 20 clients a month after signing up with them. I never even got close to that even with paid ads. All I want is to part ways mutually yet even that they would not allow because you will be stuck in a 12 month contract oh and they own your website and any SEO activity they do so if you do switch to a different company you will have to start SEO all over again. 1/10 terrible experience. I wake up each morning wishing I had never spoken to Omner.

Meir G. Keeling, Tucson, AZ

How LiftMyRank can help

We understand your fustration and we are here to help you.

  • Copy website pages and content onto a WordPress Build that you can take with you anywhere.
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  • No Contracts.  Cancel with 30 day notice at any time.

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