Free Domain Metrics Tool

What Domain Metrics are Important to Know?

Understanding your SEO value will help you know what you need to improve on and what you are doing well with.   There are a lot of tools available that will try and determine the value of a domain.  We will focus on the two most popular metrics used by SEO Agencies and Marketing departments.

Never rely on just one metric as they can be unreliable.  Below we will talk about the 4 metrics that you should use.

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Moz DA(domain authority) and Spam Score

Moz launched almost 20 years ago as SEOmoz.  As Google gained popularity it became crucial that business figure out how to get their businesses at the top of the SERPs(Search Engine Result Page).  Moz came up with a score method to determine your SEO value called DA(domain authority).  It’s a 1-100 scale that primarily uses backlinks to determine your value like Google does.

Even though they are the leading metric most SEO agencies use, the score can be manipulated.   This shouldn’t be the only score to use.

SEMrush started a few years after Moz.  They had a different goal.  They wanted to index website and use this information to gather more SEO insights.  We use their data to get esitmated US traffic, using the data from their index.  If Goolge is sending website traffic, then that helps validates the value of the website.

They also created their own scoring method called AS(Authority Score).

Using Moz and SEMrush together

By using the Moz DA score and spam score with the SEMrush AS score and traffic, you can get a better view at how your sites SEO value is.

Not only can you use this to determine the value of your domain, but you can also use it to evaluate your competitors.  At LiftMyRank, we use this tool to determine the value of publishers when doing Outreach for our Guest Blogging product.