Ultimate Guide to Whitelabel SEO Services

For over 20 years, digital marketing, particularly search engine optimization (SEO) has emerged as a fundamental strategy for businesses aiming to increase their online visibility and drive organic traffic to their websites. SEO can deliver remarkable results, however, implementing and managing it effectively requires expertise and resources that not all businesses possess. This is where white label SEO comes into play. In this article, we will explore what white label SEO is, how it works, and why it has become a popular solution for businesses seeking to leverage the power of Search without the need for building an in-house team.


What Is White Label SEO and How Does It Work?


White label SEO is a partnership between an SEO provider and a Agency or Reseller in which the provider performs SEO services on behalf of the client under the client’s branding. The client outsources the SEO work to the white label SEO provider who handles all aspects of the process while allowing the client to take credit for the results.

Working with LiftMyRank is as easy as logging in to their app and click the create client button. From there you can select a package or work with our team to develop a custom solutions. Once the client has been entered, the app takes over assigning different work items to the appropriate teams. 

While the interface makes it look easy, there are a lot of complicated algorithms running in the back end to make sure the work is done and it is done correctly.

Why Should You Use White Label SEO Services?


Saves Agencies Money


Agencies and Resellers will save on the costs associated with recruiting, training, and managing an in-house team of employees. They only pay for the services they need, reducing overhead expenses.


Access to Expertise: 

White label SEO providers specialize in SEO and have a deep understanding of industry best practices, algorithm updates, and emerging trends. Clients benefit from their expertise and can offer high-quality SEO services to their clients without being SEO experts themselves.



White label SEO allows agencies and businesses to scale their services quickly without the need for hiring and training an in-house SEO team. They can focus on acquiring clients while the SEO provider takes care of the implementation.



In order to manage hundreds of clients, software specialized in managing SEO workflow is critical. Most Agencies don’t have the resources to develop and fine tuning their software to enable them to efficiently handle workflow required when performing SEO services. We spent the money so Agencies and Resellers don’t have to.


Who Handles What in the White Label SEO Relationship?


Depending on which White Label SEO provider you are using depends on what they will handle for you.

For this example, we will use an Agency that just acts as a sales engine.

The agency or Reseller will have their own set of leads to acquire customers. When a potential client is identified that is where your Whitelabel provider can step in.


  • Proposals: We can help the Agency or Reseller put together a branded proposal. We can do the client research and proposal or assist in the creation.
  • Sales: We have a team that can jump on sales calls to help you close the deal and teach you how to do it.
  • Payment: The Agency or Reseller can collect payment, or they can use our software. We can integrate into any stripe account saving you time and effort building out a payment solution.
  • Onboarding: Our software help collect vital information to onboard a client. We also have a team of Account Managers that could also help collection client information. We will also get on a call with the client to help them understand the process and what to expect.
  • Fulfillment: This is what you hired us for. We take all the action items and direct them to the appropriate team who reports back through the software so the Agency, Reseller and client know exactly what is happening with their account.
  • Reporting: This is also a benefit of working with us. We provide a branded white label SEO reporting solution that the client or Agency can access 24/7. Our reporting shows , work summary, keyword ranking report and integration into their google analytics and search console.
  • Monthly check-ins: Keeping the client informed of progress is key to a successful relationship. Monthly calls can be performed by our team of SEO Specialists on their own or in conjunction with the Agency and Reseller.

Another example is an Agency that has their own fulfillment process, but needs help.  With this example the white label provider can help fill in with resources needed. They may also need expertise to help understand their clients needs.


What Does a White Label SEO Provider Do For You?


An SEO Whitelabel provider can provide a range of services to fulfill. Below are some of the products they can support.


  • White label SEO reports. We provide online access 24/7 to our Dashboard, which includes keyword rank reporting, onboarding questionnaire, work summary of past and future tasks, and integration into the clients Analytics and Google Search Console


  • Keyword research. We use SEMrush to help us identify high value keywords that would drive more customers to the clients. We look at keyword difficulty and traffic metrics, as well as onsite content that supports the keywords.


  • On-page SEO We will optimize title tags, headings and subheadings, meta descriptions, URLs, and bad links and broken URLS.


  • Back-linking. Guest Blogging is the most effective white hat method of obtaining backlinks. We provide valuable content in exchange for links back to our clients website.


  • Content creation. Not only will we help with landing page content, we also provide a content strategy built around building blogs on the clients website. 


  • Local Business Citations:  Building a network of trust with consistent contact information improves clients in search as well as in the Maps section of search. We use Birdeye to provide this service to our clients. We pass those costs to the Agency or Reseller without any markup. Because we have so many clients, we negotiated a great price.


  • Pitching. We will coordinate with our partners to put together proposals and jump on sales calls to help close the deal.


  • Strategy. Many white label SEO providers skip this step. Every client is different with different needs. We help provide strategy as well as implementation for every client.


Straightforward Pricing


If your white label SEO company cannot provide a detailed list of costs, then you need to find someone that does. I have had some use an hourly rate, but still cannot break down the costs of each item. If you can’t compare costs, there may be a reason not to share, they most likely are over charging you.

A white label SEO provider should show each task cost so that you can compare services with their competitors. You deserve to know what you are paying for.


What are the benefits of White Label SEO?

We listed many reasons to outsource SEO above. The number one benefit is cost savings. Building a company or department require overhead. That department starts out by losing money. Your overhead has to be ahead of your growth, so you will always have extra costs as you grow your business. 

On top of hiring employees ahead of growth, you have management and HR costs. Plus, the headache of managing employees and providing benefits. Continued training is another cost to consider. In addition to overhead costs, finding talent is a challenge in today’s market. You should hire employees who already have training and experience.

Because we work with many different agencies, we manage overhead costs easier than a single agency would. Since we have been in business for over a decade, we also have the experience to provide quality SEO services.


How much does it cost to outsource SEO?


The cost of an SEO campaign varies based on the market, competitiveness, and service area. The work we do is the same, but the amount of work varies. Below is a list of some example prices.

Onsite Content: Starts at $120 per piece and goes up to $400 depending on content subject and length.

Back linking: Starts at $120 for DA 30+ with actual search volume up to $300+ for DA 50+ and higher search volume

Content Calendar: $50

Site Audit: $15

SEO Specialist: Typically around 10-15% of monthly spend

Other items include Title tag and meta description updates, content reviews, content refreshes, Backlink analysis, Internal linking structure, Analytic setup and installation, and Google search console setup and integration. 

Can there be a Hybrid approach to SEO services?


Most White label providers will say no, but LiftMyRank says yes. If there are certain parts of SEO that an Agency needs help with, we can help. If you need outreach services but not management, we can do that. We can do as much or little as you need.

We can also act as an overflow for your team. Instead of hiring ahead of growth, you can use us as a stopgap until you grow enough revenue to hire another team member. We are happy to help.