Free Keyword Research Tool

Why is Keyword Research so Important?

The first step in running a successful SEO campaign is to identify how your clients will find you in search.  We do this by finding the Keywords that customers will use when searching for your business Online.  In addition to finding the keywords, understanding expected traffic and competition will help you narrow you target keyword list.

You will use your target keywords as the basis of the rest of your SEO campaign.  From onsite optimization, content creation and what type of content you will need.

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How to Use our Free Keyword Research Tool

There are two ways to find keywords and I will show both and explain the differences.

By Keyword

Start by entering in your base service or product.  For example, you are a plumber, type in ‘Plumber’. You will get like keywords with their associated traffic and competition.

By Site

You may not know what keywords to start with, let the tool examine your website and suggest keywords based on your current content.


Where do you get your data?     We use Google Keyword planner.


What if traffic is estimated at Zero?     When no traffic is estimated it means you may have used a location keyword.  Google doesn’t gives us data for localized traffic. Don’t use location keywords to get an idea of possible traffic.


I’m a local business, how should I use the tool?     Yes, don’t use localization keywords and you will still get an idea of the traffic you could expect.