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Webpage Technical SEO Ranking Factors

This is a Google tool designed to let website owners evaluate their site for indexability.  Over the years these required metric have been incorporated into the Algorithm used by Google as ranking factors.

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Page Speed

Google released a broad core algorithm update in 2021, called “The Page Experience Update.” This update is intended to bring a better experience to users by prioritizing pages that offer better page performance like fast load times.


Make sure the site is crawl-able and easy to ready not only by search engines but by users as well.



Site should use HTTPS and have all software and plug-ins up to date. Search Engines want to know they will not send their users to a website that has been compromised.

Full List of Technical requirements

Page speed

Core web-vitals

Secure (HTTPS)



Unique Pages.

Mobile-friendly web design

Structured Data

Broken Links

Canonical settings