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Locksmith SEO is necessary, even on a Budget.

Organic search engine traffic converts 10x better than social media and 5.6x better than paid search.  Search Engine Optimization(SEO) does take time, but you also don’t need a huge budget to compete.

Locksmith SEO is the highest Return on Investment of all other marketing media methods.  Locksmith’s as well as any other service-based local business can compete and succeed online.

    How to Make LOCKSMITH SEO a Part of Your Marketing Strategy

    When you run a business like a Locksmith, you don’t have the time to learn marketing.  We also understand the need to obtain more customers consistently so that they can make money.

    We want to help by taking the marketing off of the plate of your business and let you spend the time doing what they do best, run your business.

    SEO, or search engine optimization, is the practice of improving the ranking of a website on search engines like Google. For a Locksmith company, SEO can be used to increase the visibility of the company’s website and attract more qualified leads to the business.

    Some Tasks we will perform to optimize a Locksmith company’s website for search engines include:

    1. Conducting keyword research to identify the most relevant and popular search terms related to Locksmith services. Optimizing website content and metadata (such as titles, descriptions, and tags) to include these keywords in a natural and user-friendly way.

    2. Building high-quality inbound links from other reputable websites, as this can help to improve the authority and credibility of the Locksmith company’s website.

    3. Ensuring that the website is mobile-friendly and loads quickly, as these factors can also influence the ranking of a website on search engines.


    By implementing these and other SEO best practices, a Locksmith company can improve its visibility on search engines and attract more qualified leads to its business.

    Website Audit

    Evaluate your website for potential problems or opportunities. 

    Keyword Research

    Research the best keywords to use in a locally-focused SEO campaign. This will ensure we attracted interested local customers.

    Content Stragegy

    Content is critical for any SEO campaign. We will plan a strategy that fits your needs and engages your potential customers.

    Link Building

    Backlinks will increase your Authority with Google and help you rank higher.

    Onsite Content

    Create fresh new content through landing pages or articles.

    Build Trust

    The best way to do this is through building and maintaining a profile on local business directories. 

    Track Progress

    Keyword rankings is the best top level metric to track.  Clicks and Conversions are your ultimate goal.

    Competitive Research

    See how you compare with your competition and get insights into your own strategy.

    Long Term Investment

    SEO is the best ROI marketing tool you can use to get more customers cost-effectively.

    How Much Should You Spend for Locksmith SEO

    Low Competition


    Smaller Sized Market

    Avg Competition

    $400 – $650

    Medium Sized Market

    High Competition

    $750 – $1,000

    Large Sized Market

    The Data

    Still deciding if you need SEO?  Check out these numbers.


    An estimated 97% of people turn to search engines to find local businesses.


    88% of searchers using mobile devices call or visit a local business they find within 24 hours.


    92% of searchers will select a business that is found on the first page of search results.


    Frequently Asked Questions

    Is SEO good for a Locksmith?

    People will use Search Engines first to find a local business.  If you are not found, then they will use your competitor that does SEO.  Not only do they use search for find business, they also use it to investigate your business.  What services to you offer and why you are the best locksmith to help them. Locksmiths need to make sure they put their best foot forward with their website and search presence.

    Locksmith keywords are searched for online 3.7 million times every month.  Be one of those locksmiths your potential customers can find.

    What is the best SEO for a Locksmith?

    SEO for Locksmiths is the same for any service based business.  

    SEO is heavily content focused, both onsite and offsite.  Offsite SEO is creating backlinks.  The best way to obtain backlinks is through Guest Blogging.  This will create authority with Goolge.  Your onsite content needs to be informative and robust enough for Google to index.  This creates expertise with Google.

    10 tips to better SEO for Locksmiths

    1. Claim your Google Busines Listing.  Make sure you fill out all fields completly.

    2. Identify keywords customers use to find locksmiths.  These should be focused on your services offered.

    3. Review your content and optimize around keywords.  Make sure Google knows what keywords you are relevant to be found online for.

    4. Submit your site to local directories, keep contact info consistent.  Using a business listing subscription is the easies way to keep you data updated.

    5. Start a blog.  Write about problems and solutions for your customers.  You should consistenly add at least 2 blogs per month.

    6. Write content for Guest Posting.  This is a great way to be backlinks to your site and create authority.

    7. Ask your customers to review your Google profile.  Great reviews will help conversions.

    8. Get involved in your online community.

    9. Keep you website updated with security updates.

    10. Create a lot of helpful content.

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