An SEO agency is responsible to make changes onsite and offsite to a website in order for it to be ranked high in the search engines.  Lift My Rank is a premier search engine optimization company with over fifteen years of experience. We offer various strategies, such as creating high-quality website content, optimizing web pages, and building links. Here are the specific benefits of using a professional SEO agency:

Competitive Advantage


A professional SEO company like ours helps you gain an advantage over competitors by improving your rankings in search engines. This, in turn, results in increased traffic to your website.

Increased Productivity


With our SEO company, you can expect a significant increase in productivity through a better website and online marketing strategies. Using digital marketing strategies helps you spend more time on specialized tasks, leaving the logistics to a setup that has its own ROI.

Increased Leads and Sales


Our SEO professionals increase leads and sales by helping clients implement search engine campaigns. They help businesses understand how to find the right keywords and get the best results. They help optimize the content on their website and create compelling landing pages that connect your business with potential customers.

Improved Content


Search engines like Google rely on the content provided on a website.  If this content isn’t helpful or informative, you won’t show up in search results.  Offering valuable information to your clients and potential clients shows Goolge you are an expert and deserve to be found online.

What Services Are Offered by an SEO Agency?


At Lift My Rank, we help you build a digital presence, manage your rankings, and develop a marketing strategy. Here are the top services offered by our search engine optimization agency:

On-Page Optimization


On-page optimization is an important component of search engine optimization services. We can optimize your website’s functionality for search engines.

The following are examples of on-page activities:

  • Audit your website’s design, internal linking structure, and redirects
  • Refresh meta descriptions, title tags, and H1 tags
  • Optimize the photos on your website
  • Build a sitemap
  • Evaluate the website’s usability, performance, and layout
  • Research and optimize relevant, quality keywords for your website

Off-Page Optimization

The best way to get traffic to your website is by having off-page optimization. A few factors affect the engine’s rankings, but off-page optimization is the most influential factor. Our company helps with off-page optimization and increases your site’s performance towards better outcomes.

Our service also includes off-page optimization. It entails optimizing external aspects that impact the website’s position in search engine results. The off-page elements include internal linking, directory marketing, and building backlinks. For example, the backlink profile influences the position of your website in search engine results.

Competitor Analysis


Our company identifies online and offline competitors using competition analysis methods. Certain SEO companies do an initial competition study to determine the brand’s position in the SERPs and online presence.

Others independently undertake competitive study and modify search engine strategy. A proactive strategy enables agencies to develop competitive tactics for their customers. This helps them to dominate search engine rankings and establish themselves as authoritative websites.

SEO Audit


A reputable search engine optimization audit service helps boost your business and make it more successful. Our SEO audit analyzes your current strategy in detail. We identify the areas of strength and areas for growth. Free auditing tools are available but do not offer your organization the same level of insight as a team of SEO professionals.

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