Are you a locksmith business owner looking to increase your brand’s presence online? When looking for Locksmith SEO strategies, look to those with experience. SEO strategies will help you get ahead of your competitors and put your business in front of potential customers.

At Lift My Rank, we provide companies like yours with content-focused SEO plans that help you be found online. We follow  Google’s E.A.T. methodology.  With custom content strategies, you can reach your ideal consumers and build up your online rankings over time.

Today, we’ll discuss a few ways to grow your brand online and set yourself up for future success.

Fill Out Your Google Business Profile

The first step to growing your rankings is to complete your Google Business Profile. As you do, start by filling out your NAP. The NAP is the Name, Address, and Phone Number of your locksmith business. The information you provide needs to match any information you have on your website.

Make sure the contact details on other directories match your website and Google Business Profile. Consistent data will help you build trust (the T in E.E.A.T.)with search engines and your audience.

Once you finish with your NAP, here are some other sections of your GBP to also fill out:

  • Business categories
  • Business description
  • Photos
  • Products/Services section
  • Q&A section

Keep your updates section in the businesses profile up to date with links to your latest blog posts.

Improve The Speed Of Your Website

Locksmith SEO  also involves making sure your site is up to speed(pardon the pun). The longer it takes for your site to load, the more potential customers you’ll lose. Slow loading pages can also cause your page rankings to decrease.

To avoid these issues, you’ll want to increase your site’s speed. Google’s search console is an excellent source to evaluate your website.

This tool can provide you with data on how to address website issues and optimize your page speed. You’ll gain more site visitors and grow your search rankings with a fast web speed.

Perform Keyword Research

Search for the keywords your clients use to find businesses like yours to use for your website content can help you enhance your Locksmith SEO game. What are the search terms your clients will use to find you? If you are in a rural area where everyone needs a car, then ‘auto locksmith’ might be the best keyword to market. Or maybe you are in the city in a high crime area, then ’24 hours locksmith’ might be the keyword you need.

Online Search Journey Of Consumers

To succeed with SEO today, you must take the time to research the intent of your target audience. Below are the three parts to the online search journey of a consumer:

  • Build awareness
  • Influence consideration
  • Drive action

Best Keyword Tools For You To Use

he keyword difficulty also plays a role in deciding which keywords to use. You can pick out the ones that have less competition and are easier to market using keyword tools.

Try our Free Keyword Tool to help find keywords.  The tool will also show estimated traffic and keyword difficulty.  This data will help you determine keywords and where to start.

To use this free keyword tool, begin by typing in broad phrase keywords. IT can give you keyword suggestions you can utilize to help you attract relevant visitors to your site. You’ll also know how competitive each keyword is to rank in the search results.

Keyword research is the basis for any SEO campaign.  This will determine what pages to optimize and what types of content to create.  

Check That Your Content Is Informative

When writing website content, make sure to keep your readers in mind. To attract their interests, utilize the Inverted Pyramid Method. With this writing approach, you’ll put your main points at the top and use headings and subheadings to explain topics. By taking these steps, you can guide readers into obtaining information that helps address their questions when looking for a locksmith.

When you use the Inverted Pyramid Method, you’ll be able to encourage your audience to read more about your offerings. As they scan your text and find value, you’ll be more likely to earn their business.

For word choice measures, you’ll want to use transition phrases like “greater than to compare and “thus” to summarize. You also want to avoid excess use of filler phrases like “with that said” or “crucial” as that may affect readers’ experience.

The Flesch Readability Score also plays a role in helping you attract consumers to your page. By striving for a score of at least a 60, you can provide clarity for your readers. With a score of 70 or more, you’ll stand to make the online experience for your audience like no other.

When creating your Locksmith SEO plan, content readability needs to be a top priority. You’ll be glad you did as you attract your ideal visitors to your site. This helps establish you as an Expert with Google. (The 2nd E in E.E.A.T)

Create Authority

Creating authority with google(the A in E.E.A.T.) is like a popularity contest. The more other sites link to you the more Google sees you as an authority website. One of the common ways to create authority is by creating Guest Posts for other websites. In exchange for the great content you can provide, you will receive a link back to your site referencing you as the expert.

Keep Your Website Secure and Safe

Website security is one of the top Locksmith SEO factors we must constantly address. This also help Google Trust your website.  One step you can follow to keep your site secure is to keep up to date with your security updates. Updates can address system loopholes to ensure your site data is safe from tampering.

You’ll also want to make sure your site has the HTTPS protocol. These protocols help guard your data against online attacks as you log into your site. When you demonstrate top security practices, you’ll be able to gain the trust of search engines and site visitors.

Choose Locksmith SEO Measures That Help Transform Your Business

At Lift My Rank, we strive to ensure your site attracts the right people and helps grow your locksmith business.

Contact us  today and let us get to work in helping you grow your web presence and transform your business.