There are many ways to market your dental practice. SEO for dentists can help grow your practice and reduce your paid ads cost. Dentists often overlook dental SEO because they are focused on their customers. Work with Lift My Rank to take advantage of everything increased SEO has to offer. 

What Is Dental SEO?

SEO for Dentists is search engine optimization for dental practices. We can adjust your website so customers can easily navigate your pages. Improvements also help your site rank higher on search engine results. The higher your website shows up on customer searches for dental offices, the better. 

Why You Need Dental SEO

Dentists need SEO because the dental industry is competitive. Most patients will use search engines to find a local dental practice.  If you are not in the top search results, they will not find you.

Hiring an Agency to improve your dental SEO will allow you to focus on your customers. Enhancing your practice’s SEO will help current and new customers find your dental practice easily. We can help your practice in the following five ways: 

1. Improve How Your Dental Practice Website Works

Enhancing your website’s SEO makes the site easy to use, mobile compatible, and doesn’t have major technical issues. A website that runs well and is easy to use will also help your SEO and benefit your customers. 

2. Increase Your Dental Practice’s Searchability 

Your dental practice needs to have good searchability. Searchability means customers can find you in the search engine’s search results. Showing up on the first search result page is necessary because most potential customers won’t look at multiple results pages. 

3. Build Trust and Credibility With Patients

Your site will have to present meaningful information to visitors. SEO doesn’t just help improve where your website appears in search results. It can help your practice build trust and credibility with patients.

We suggest having relevant blogs, an up-to-date “About Us” page, and a “Contact Us” page on your website. Posting or linking articles about your practice will also help improve trust and credibility with site visitors.

4. Get New Patients

With better searchability, new customers searching for “dentists near me” and other commonly used search phrases will find your dental practice’s website easily. Since your practice appears higher in search results with improved SEO, you are more likely to capture new business than without SEO. 

5. Reduce Paid Ads With Local SEO

Think about how customers currently find your practice. Dentists commonly use mailers, patient referrals, and advertisements to attract customers. With increased SEO and first-page search results visibility, dentists can reduce the amount of money they allocate towards paid ads. Customers will find the dental practice organically through their online searches. 

How Lift My Rank Helps SEO for Dentists

As a dentist, you may not have the time to focus on your website’s SEO. Work with LiftMyRank to improve your dental SEO. We take a multi-strategy approach to help your business thrive in your local market. 

Website Audit

The first step our team takes to improve your website’s SEO is to complete a website audit. We look to see any areas where your website needs improvement. Then, we verify whether Google and other search engines can index your website. 

Our audit will detect broken links, site indexability, site crawlability, internal link distribution, backlinks, speed and performance, and more. 

Keyword Research

Our team completes detailed keyword research on which search terms you need to attract paying customers. Keywords must align with the words and phrases customers use in a search engine to find your business. 

We recommend using two types of keywords. The first type of keyword is relevant keywords. Relevant keywords are specific to your business and the type of customer you wish to attract. 

The second type of keyword is location-based keywords. Location-based keywords are specific to your practice’s desired service area. Your site should have a good mixture of both types of keywords.

Content Strategy 

Having relevant content on your website is necessary for any SEO campaign. We can help you design a thorough content strategy. Content strategies include both onsite and offsite content. 

Blogs go on your site to provide valuable information to your site visitors. Offsite articles go on other sites and direct customers back to your site. Business feature articles are pieces that promote your business. Our team works to make sure your site has a balance of content that will best promote your site on any search engine results page. 

On-Page Strategy 

On-page SEO boosts your website’s SEO by focusing on the things you can control on your site, including:

  • Content quality
  • Title and headline tags
  • Image descriptions
  • Internal links
  • Site navigation

Your website should also have appropriate pages that customers find helpful. Common pages include:

  • Home page
  • About page
  • Contact page
  • Blog

You can also have additional pages on your site if they are beneficial. Your pages should help customers and site visitors understand your practice’s mission and values. They can give detailed information about the various in-office services available and which insurance companies you accept. 

Off-Page Strategy

Off-page SEO is a strategy where your business is promoted by links to your website, not on your website. The process includes outreaching to publishers to post content you have created in exchange for a link back to your website. Google Business(GB) is another off-page strategy businesses can use to help customers find you and improve your SEO. GB lists your location information, service area, hours of operation, and contact information. Google Maps also allows customers to find your business quickly. 

Technical Strategy

Technical SEO covers the technical specifications of your website and determines if your site is running smoothly. Our team checks to see that customers can easily navigate your website with an optimized end-user experience. Your mobile layout and ease of use are taken into consideration, too. 

Suitable adjustments are made to your website’s back-of-house to allow web crawlers to assess your site’s ease of use. Our team will work on increasing site speed, fixing backlinks, improving site security, and adding meta tags. 

Choose Lift My Rank for Results

Work with Lift My Rank to get dental SEO results for your business in just a few months. We increase traffic to your website and improve your searchability. You can grow your business and boost your website metrics while keeping your focus on your customers.