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“LiftMyRank has multiplied our business.”

"Without a doubt, LiftMyRank has multipled our business, I stopped counting the number of page 1 rankings we've received after 20, the difference it makes is huge, we now have much bigger plans going forward to grow our business with LiftMyRank as a very important partner."

Michael Fied
Founder and CEO at


“Head and shoulders above the rest.”

Anne Wilkinson
Marketing Manager at

"Running a portfolio of over 23 sites over the last 7 years we're no strangers to SEO firms who unfortunately we've had bad experiences with in the past, however LiftMyRank are clearly head and shoulders above the rest, with every web property of ours reaching page 1 rankings within the specified timeframe. Very happy!"

Hands Free SEO

We already know how busy you are running your business, you don't have time to mess around with complicated seo work, that's why we do it ALL for you, just let us know your website and what keywords you want to rank for 

Henry Ford would be proud of us, over 7 years of experience has seen us design a production-line system to efficiently rank websites in search engines around the world, we then pass these cost efficiencies onto you!

Factory-Like Efficiency

There are 100s of ways to build or acquire links across the internet, however what search engines value the most are links pointing to your website that come from relevant authority sites, and that's exactly what we specialize in doing

Relevant Authority Links

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From Position #18 to #3

Q1) Who is this service for?
A) Small businesses who want more traffic from the search engines. We specialize in lifting rankings in all major search engines for small businesses with 1-25 employees. Whether you have a new or old website, a local business, or already rank on page 1 and want to push further to the top, then the LiftMyRank seo service is for you.
Q2) Why should I use the LiftMyRank seo service over others?
A) It's simple, we offer a proven affordable seo service for small businesses. There seems to be an endless amount of so called 'seo experts' online, however what makes us stand apart is the quality of links we build that just plain works well. Don't risk your website to a search engine penalty by using many other seo companies who simply spam your site with automated link building software. Choose quality and you'll rank well into the future.
Q3) I see I'm only allowed to submit 5 keywords, does this mean my rankings for other relevant keywords won't increase?
A) Not at all, think of the target keywords as the 'parent-level' keywords, by continually building high quality relevant authority backlinks(our job), your site will gain in overall authority in the search engines eyes and you'll naturally rank for 100s if not 1000s of relevant long tail keywords.
For example if one of your target keywords was "new york personal injury lawyer" you'll not only rank for this keyword, but you'll also rank for many other variations such as "new york lawyer for personal injury", "best injury lawyer in new york", "cheap personal injury lawyer ny", etc.....because we build links in a natural manner we use lot's of related anchor text in the backlinks so you will rank for many variations of your target keywords. This is very important because over 70%+ of all searches performed are long tail in nature and most of your traffic will come from long tail searches. Most importantly we optimize your site for "buyer keywords", i.e..keywords with commercial intent which makes a huge difference to your conversions.
Q4) How long do I need to use this service for?
A) Search engine optimization is an ongoing practice, there is no such thing as "one time blasts" even though some seo companies offer such thing. Search engines love seeing sites that are continually attracting new backlinks as it shows your site is getting more popular on the internet and therefore more relevant to show up in search results, this is especially true in competitive niches where if you're seeing a good return on your investment we recommend running our service indefinitely, however if you're in a local or low competition niche then you may only need to run our service for 3-6 months to attain long lasting page 1 rankings. If you rankings slip due to competitors over taking you, simply re-join our service and we'll push you back up the top.
Q5) What type of links do you build?
A) We only build high quality editorial backlinks to your site, this means links contained with unique hand written articles. We place these articles on authority sites that are as closely related to your niche as possible. We don't build any spammy links such as blog comments, forum profiles, social bookmarks, directory submissions or any other links generated by using automated software as these links can get your site penalized. Search engines have always valued relevant authority links as the most important signal to your rankings in search results. We pay special attention to building links in a natural organic manner, we'll use many variations of your target keywords, raw URL and brandname in the anchor text of the backlinks to keep your site safe from future search engine algorithm updates.
Q6) Do you provide link reports?
A) It's becoming common practice in the seo industry to not disperse link reports due to prying eyes. It's in everybody interests that the fewer people that know where your links come from the better off you'll be. We regularly have our competition trying to unpiece our work and it's for this reason we don't disperse link reports, you will however be able to download ranking reports at anytime you wish, and that's what we focus on, the end goal of increasing your keyword rankings in all the major search engines.
Q7) What can I expect from using this service?
A) Within a few weeks of joining you'll see your target keywords start moving higher in search results. We provide a live rank tracking link that you can use at anytime to check your current keyword rankings in the major search engines. If you've optimized your site according to our recommendations after joining you'll most likely see page 1 rankings within 30-90 days depending on how competitive your niche is.
Q8) Are all sites accepted?
A) For the most part, yes. However we don't accept sites that sell anything illegal, adult websites, racist/hate sites or counterfeit products. We mainly work with English websites from the USA, UK, Canda and Australia, however we do accept websites from other countries including foreign languages.
Q9) How do I know this will work?
A) Easy, watch your rankings rise inside the rank tracking link we provide you after joining!

This Is Entirely RISK-FREE, You're Happy Or Your Money Back!

Frequently Asked Questions

The finer details of the LiftMyRank SEO Service

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seo company
seo company

Q) What happens after I order?


A) After clicking on an order button above you'll

be taken to a order form where you can let us

know your website and target keyword details


Q) Can you choose keywords for me?


A) Yes, there is an option in the order form where

you can choose for us to find the most

appropriate keywords for us to target. 

Q) Do I have to do anything?


A) After ordering you'll receive a on-page seo report

detailing some recommendations to make to your

website so it will rank better and faster. These 

recommendations aren't necessary but will help.


Q) How long does it take to get page 1 rankings?


A) It varies from niche to niche, however if you follow

our on-page recommendations page 1 rankings are

usually seen within 30-90 days.

Over 90% Of Your Rankings Are Due

To Backlinks Pointing To Your Website

We specialize in continually building high quality relevant authority backlinks that your site needs to rank higher in the search engines

If you're not ranking up the top of search engines you may aswell not even exist - you're buried under millions of other web pages - nobody will ever find you

Here's How It Works

“Sales went up 42% within 3 months.”

Trent Kirkwood
Senior Director at

"LiftMyRank has been critical to our strong growth, sales went up 42% within 3 months after signing up and we're hoping to double this year's sales over last year. In a very competitive industry, this is no small feat and we owe a great deal of gratitude to the amazing work of our SEO partner."



You've read this page and decide you want to take action with a real seo company that will deliver you results and order today then let us know your website and target keywords in the form after checkout. We immediately setup your campaign and reply back with a tracking link for you monitor results in real time. There is nothing further for you to do.

We get busy creating your campaign getting ready for first link deployment within 72 hours after joining. We continually create unique content related to your site/niche and distribute it regularly to relevant authority sites across the internet. This has the effect of lifting your positioning in search engine results when users search for keywords related to your business and your traffic and sales grow.

You sit back and relax, knowing full well the tedious job of seo link building is taken care of for you by a reputable seo company that specializes in helping small businesses grow their online exposure. All that's left for you to do is service the increase in visitors coming to your website!

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We're so absolutely sure that LiftMyRank will help your small business grow that we're offering a 30 day money back guarantee.

If your rankings don't move higher within 30 days you're eligble for a 100% refund if your site has no pre-existing issues preventing it from ranking higher.          

Give us a try...

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From Position #28 to #1

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From Position #52 to #10


“Without LiftMyRank, we would not be here.”

Dave Massingham
Founder and CEO at

Without LiftMyRank, Massingham Marketing would not be here! Running a Marketing Business while working fulltime can be difficult to manage, however when you have LiftMyRank as your SEO Specialist then you are bound to succeed. I have been using their services in 2012 because they provide results and deliver page 1 rankings. Extremely happy with their service!


“I've been extremely satisified with the results.”

Bill Achola
Director at

"Liftmyrank is the smartest, most strategic seo services agency I've ever worked with. The results i got for the money spent were remarkable and trustworthy. I've been extremely satisfied and impressed with the results. These few simple links have shot my sites up in the SERP’s for my desired keywords.


“With LiftMyRank I've been able to get much more traffic.”

Alan Leenhouts
Wed designer at

"Some of the hardest terms to rank for relate to web design since many SEO's also offer this service.  With liftmyrank's services I've been able to get much more traffic in this hard to compete in niche.  Sometimes its not about trying to beat the giant but find ways in which to get traffic that they're not quite as concentrated on.  The SEO's at Liftmyrank helped find some of those opportunities that the big players aren't concentrating on and get me loads of traffic."


“We love to use the services of LiftMyRank.”

Christian Pust
Owner at

For several customer that are offering english versions of their websites we love to use the services of LiftMyRank. We just want to say thank you for your work! We really enjoyed your knowledge and especially your great support. We have been very impressed."


“I am so glad I discovered LiftMyRank.”

Chima Beniro
Founder and CEO at

"I run a small local SEO business here in London UK. As my business grew I needed a trusted seo provider to help me rank my client sites. After a a long while of wasting time and money on some other services who didn't produce any results, I am so glad I discovered LiftMyRank. The results I get with their service is astonishing I only use them anytime I need SEO services for my Clients."


“We now have multiple page 1 listings.”

Tom Ballard
Marketing Manager at

"We struggled for long time trying to get the exposure in the search engines we needed to grow our business. After having dismal results with another seo firm we decided to give LiftMyRank a go since we heard many good things about them, and it's been the best marketing decision we've made. We now have multiple page 1 listings that have more than quadrupled our incoming traffic."